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The transporter
rating : 3.8 with 170 vote(s)
The transporter
From Nevrik Kouumdjian on 2009-09-23 20:44:23
This looks like my car @ move-in dorm day.
From Romain Peltier on 2009-09-23 20:44:43
The number plate is inverted... HC
From Petia Pavlova on 2009-09-23 20:45:11
Ce n'est pas en BG :)
From Romain Peltier on 2009-09-23 20:45:31
HC, je dirai que si HC 883AH
From shmirgel on 2013-02-08 14:30:32
HC means Hlohovec. It's from Slovakia. ;)

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